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the band was born in 2015, birth child of Steve Saunders, ex bassist of “Hair of the dog”, “The Self titled” and “Avoidance of doubt” to name a few. The rest of the band consisted of Martin Osborne on guitar, Julian Riquelme also guitars, Edd Saunders on drums, Adam May lead vocals and Steve Saunders on bass duties.


The band had barely been together a few months when they recorded the bands first EP “Viral”, that secured them a KKKK! Kerrang review along with many other great reviews and the band went out on the road pretty much constantly from one end of the nation to the other.


By 2017 the band had managed to spread the brand across the UK significantly and decided to go back into the studio this time time to record the bands full length album “Insurrection”, a belter of an album consisting of 11 killer tracks that again secured dozens of great reviews from the likes of Metal Hammer ,Kerrang !, Powerplay magazine, Devolution magazine etc. By the time this album was being recorded the line up had changed bringing in “Jack Greenwood“ on drums and “Connor Snyder” on lead vocals.


Again the band went back out on the road playing dozens and dozens of venues across the UK including supporting bands like Raging Speedhorn, Sulpher, Diamond head among others. The band also managed to get their video single “Greed” played on rotation on the now defunct TV show “Scuzz TV”.


By late 2018 into 2019 the band again visited the studio to record their next EP, this album was a sophisticated mature album again taking the band on a slightly different musical journey. The album mixes in perfectly with the brilliant “Voices” video and all the bands artwork shining the light on mental health issues. Just as the band was beginning to promote the new album called “Mindcell” the band fell foul of interior problems resulting in Steve beginning to form a new line up, however soon after the official release “Brexit” landed and “Covid” closing down the world and our release and tour dates.


After Covid Steve got to work looking to put the band together again, finding new musicians, writing new songs and went on a small tour In the spring of 2021. things did not go well and internal problems became the demise of that particular line up consisting of “Ashley Cleland” on guitar, “Steve Saunders” on bass, “Jack la Haye” on drums and “Samuel Ragnarsson” on lead vocals.


It took a good two years after this in 2023 to re invent the bands line up having had a fair few temporary band members that never worked out before finally having Mister “Peter Swindley” walk through the doors, a fine drummer, “Cedryk Guyenot” on guitar , ”Steve Saunders” on bass, “Jon the viking” on lead vocals and “”Chris Schonning” on guitars, transforming the band into one hell of a line up now ready for 2024. Steve had written 10 new songs through Covid which are currently being recorded ready for release around spring/summer 2024. The band now has a spring tour booked across the UK along with some other dates and various festival slots to promote their new music and videos etc.

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