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Spreading the disease band was the baby of Steve Saunders, ex Bleached, Hair of the dog, The Self Titled among others.

It was formed late 2015, the original members were “Adam May – vocals” , “Julien Riquelme-guitar”, “Martin Osborn-guitar and vocals” and “Edd Saunders-drums” and “Steve Saunders-Bass and vocals”.

The band went into the recording studios (Magpie studios/Ashford/KENT) within a couple or months of being together and recorded the bands first EP “Viral”, the EP secured a monster kkkk” review straight of the bat from “Kerrang!” along with many other great reviews from radio and oline magazines and magazines such as “Devolution, Powerplay ,Metal Hammer, Zero tolerance etc;, and engrossed themselves on gigging right across the Country in support of the album and did not stop only for a brief two weeks to record the bands first full album “Insurrection” in 2017. By this time the line up had changed dramatically due to varying personal reasons, Jack took the helm/drums over from Edd Saunders, Connor Snyder took over Lead vocal duties and Martin Osborn remained sole guitarist having tried unsuccessfully to find a second guitarist although a couple of guys had joined the bands line up briefly. The main single and video from Insurrection was on rotation on “Scuzz TV” which also helped the album along

The band continued to secure great reviews from all corners for the Insurrection album and continued to play every venue from Lands end to Newcastle gathering momentum and showing what the band could do live. Spreading the disease from the get go is not your average band live, it has a very lively in your face performance, interacting largely with the crowd, jumping around onto bars and from light rigs etc etc, enticing the fans to rebel and get crazy in the mosh pit too, they come out all guns blazing and make sure everyone has a good time with them.

By now the band had played dozens and dozens of shows and had also ventured out into Europe successfully too. It was time to record their next EP “Mindcell” which along with the video “Voices” is almost a concept  EP, five tracks of modern metal with crunching riffs, subtle melodies and vocals that are as devastatingly aggressive one moment as smooth and soothing the next, the albums topic is based around mental health and the production is of the highest grade. It was released in early March 2019.  

Soon after the album was released, within weeks the band suffered a setback losing most of the band members due to ideological differences and was put on hiatus just before the World shut down due to the Covid Pandemic for 2 years.

Once the pandemic had passed Steve began putting the band back together late 2021 early 2022 enlisting new band members, “Ashley Cleland – guitar and vocals”, “Jack la Haye – Drums” and “Sam Ragnarrson-lead vocals”, the band wrote some new songs and for a brief time played some shows until Sam the vocalist left the band around May 2022 then lost both Ashley and Jack due to a momentary lack of momentum, however currently Steve is moving forward with new band members, one of them being “Neil – drums” and working with new vocalists and guitarists ready for the bands Scottish tour late 2022 and their Slot at “Hammerfest 2023 next year with a brand new EP almost ready including video etc. and the prospect of a new full album in 2023.

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