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Steve Saunders. 

Instrument: Bass guitar.

 and Backing vocals.

Equipment. Warwick 200w Mini bass head. Phil Jones 7x7 500w Bass cab.

Shure micophones.

RCF Mixer unit.

Sansam Overdrive pedal.

Guitars. Mainly custom built, A transparent Miscman,  Fender precision, Dean, Harley Benton, Custom built explorer.

Personal Bio.

Born in the Uk, moved to Spain as a child, moved back to Britain in 1985.

First band he formed was "Excess" a hard rock unit signed to Justine records by the time he was 17.

returned to the UK in 1989.

Bands: Die Laughing, Hair of the dog, Crash Palace, Sugarmilk, St Hellier, Beggars thieves and madmen, The Self titled, Black Bone fever, Avoidance of doubt, Shameful Behaviour, Embryon, Spreading the disease.

Work placements. Profesional Booking Agent UK/USA  - Profesional Manager.  - Promoter - Tour manager . 

Recorded in "Mediterraneo Studios/Ibiza" with Vow wows Producer, "Britannia Row/London" with Depeche Modes producer, "Magpie studios/Kent UK", "Anchor baby studios/Kent", "Bernie Tormes studios/Kent" and the "Mick Jagger studios/Dartford KENT UK" to name a few.

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