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In the ocean of my dreams
I am shipwrecked, lost at sea
I am a wolf without a purpose
I am a sheep without a heard 
I am a wall without foundation
I am a human with no self-worth
I need to know what I'm here for
This is a journey I need to pursue
Just so I can mean something to you 
Fighting for air, fighting for life
You will not drown me amongst

the waves 
This is a journey I must make alone
The path will be long but I'll find my way 
This is yours too, I hope you can make it
Follow your choices, today is the day
This is our life it's what we make it


I'm at war with all these voices in my head
Some with wisdom, some with dread
I just want a place to rest my head
I'm at war with all these voices in my head
Lies dirty stinking lies 
I don't wanna live I just wanna die but I'm
Holding onto moments that will open up my eyes
So take what you've gotta take at the end of this

 all the lies are fake but I'll
Give myself forever just for one more fucking try
I won't let you win
I won't let you pull me in
With your tricks and your lies
You know I can see through the deceit

 in your eyes
It's okay do not stray
From the path you know the way
Know your path is true and just
Free of sins and greed and lust
Voices, voices, these faceless voices x4
I'm at war with all these voices in my head
Voices in my head


The Anger Inside 
Mirror mirror on the wall
Who's the worst one of them all
The one who will lie and cheat and deceive
Or the one who will hold our hand

and make us believe
The one who will betray and abuse our trust
The one who will abuse us for the sake of lust
Sprinkled with hatred and what this world brings
These are a few of my least favourite beings
This is the anger inside
Those who say they are your friend,

but will stab your back in the end
Those who preach honesty,

but the fill you with lies and deceit 
Sprinkled with hatred and what this world brings
These are a few of my least favourite things  
This is the anger inside 
If I could send it all to hell I would

without a second thought
But this hatred consumes my mind

until darkness descends upon you




Obsession –

Am I pretty am I perfect,

is it all in my head
Am I good enough or

do you think I’m better off dead
Am I what you all want me to be
Or should I just go in for myself,

break my chains and be free
We get told all the time

how we should look and what we say
What if it's all wrong and we just

have to find our way  
We upload our life for approval

and when we get nothing

we feel so alone
What the fuck is this life even for
Why can't we be who

we want to be
Society's expectations are

 the fault with me
This obsession with fitting in

is the reason I can't win
If we can't speak our minds,

our freedom is on borrowed time
shoved around like cattle in a cage,

 diluting our lives
We are not your puppets,

stop making us dance
To the tune of conformity,

break free from the shackles

that hold us down
What is this life for

if it dictated for us
What is this life for

 if it's not played by us



Are the decisions I make, all the steps I choose to take,

will I make my destination or fall along the way

 I wanna risk it all, I wanna scratch and claw, my way to the top
Is that really the life I wanna lead, I risk losing those around me

 to get to where I need to be
Is that me following my dreams or acting selfish see I'm 
Never gonna, never gonna, never gonna, never gonna

 know what's right *
Never gonna, never gonna, never gonna, win this fight
Conflicted with these thoughts that are poisoning my mind
Do I break away and risk everything inside
Do I break out my comfort zone


Is this dream I have worth being alone
Barely speaking to old friends, wasting weeks from end to end,

on my own, honing my craft, The only thing to give me comfort

are the voices in my head, although, sometimes they are
The things that are rotting my brain
Are my choices right am I going insane
Look at myself in the mirror is this all worth the pain
And I say to myself I'm 
Never gonna, never gonna, never gonna, ..Repeat *
Conflicted with these thoughts that are poisoning my mind
Do I break away and risk everything inside
Do I break out my comfort zone
Is this dream i have worth being alone

2017 November  release : inssurection





Can’t you see what you’re doing to us, irresponsive of all of the things that you lost. Like a thirst for devotion from people like me. Who live in a way that counter your beliefs, I won’t sit and go blind while you’re preaching eye for an eye.


I don’t believe in heaven, it’s got nothing to show. But if that’s where I came from then it’s not where I’ll go.


I’ve got brexit wounds, you know we left too soon.


Our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done. I’ll end your fucking sin. I’ll tear you limb from limb. I’ll make sure your face is never seen again. And I hear the sounds of the chains that’s been weighing me down. The common ideals of the people who think that we’re doomed. But hypocrisy is all that I see when you spout out your bullshit. If god does exist, then I’ll see you in hell.


well if you want to shoot down my beliefs

I don’t give a fuck what your feeling

and if you think who I live with is wrong

well then fuck what you say

because lording yourself over others is never okay X2


I don’t give a fucking shit what you believe. You won’t make a fucking fool out of me. No one cares about what you think. You won’t make a fucking fool out of me. You prick.





When the wolves came in, and the walls came down. I sit here and I can’t believe the vile claim before me. That which despise is claimed I am, but this here is just a broken man. The boy is gone, I’ve lost it all. When you’re gone I will start my fall.


 Two years of pain and I’m on the edge, false claims to win them over, two years of shame and I can’t stay strong.  So take me back to the part when it’s over.


You can’t put me back together; everything I take takes its toll. I push so hard till I have nothing at all. The best part of me is gone now. I can’t live another second in me. I even repulse myself. I can’t tell what’s memory or make believe. I can’t hide from my demons anymore.


I’m at the bottom I will climb high. My last wish is just to touch the sky. A thousand feet is enough so I’ll finish the bottle and start the fight. I’m at the top and I can’t see straight. Who will miss such a petty ingrate? I hang with one hand now. It’s all I want but I can’t let go. I can’t let go.


The shadows creep across your face. All i want to feel your warm embrace. I’ve never felt so out of place. So take me back, back.


Take me back to the part when it’s over.


Two years and it’s over now. Thanks eleven for believing me. I’ll repair what remains of this life. Eleven faces I will never forget.





Don’t look at me, this is your undoing.


Set the scene, there’s a guy and a girl. The guy wants to give his princess the world. But just because he can’t do it in the sack the bitch wants to throw everything he gave to her, back in his face.


He had everything planned out, to take everything and move down south. But you said to him you didn’t want what he had to give. You ungrateful cunt.                                   


BV. Steve. See what I see, we are deceived,  See what I see,  do you believe.


Running from my demons I hide; tearing down these walls inside, listing to my enemies’ cries, get yourself a new life.


I can not run from home.  Look into my soul.

My eyes are open wide. This is my Discord.


So now from him to you, I fucking hope you find your peace. Because you won’t find another man like him, you see what you’ve done. I wish you well but for those sins I can’t accept, I’ll see you in hell.


Dear father, please don’t excuse this harlot. Disguised as an angel dressed in scarlet. She stays on her knees, but she doesn’t pray. Forgiveness will not come for you this day.


How could you be so blind, you were his reason for being alive, living his life?


This is, everything that I’d came for. Bleeding hearts lie broken, bleeding out here on the floor. I can’t give it all. I can’t give it up. For this is my discord.





You’re money and your words, don’t mean jack.

We could be anything we wanted to.

If we rise up against you.

You will pay for the wage that you that away.

It will be the end of you.


They sit there in your chairs, with big piles of money, without care for us little people. Well listen here buddy. You abuse us; make us suffer for your greed. You need to look inside yourself, and set us free


Greed is all you know; it will be you’re downfall. (X2)


You’re scared of us, threaten by us. You know that you are powerless to stop all of us.

We could be anything we wanted to.

if we rise up against you

Step back, step away that’s the price you pay.

You know that it’s the end of you.


You think you have the power, you think you have the plans. You think you have a way to hold us down, your wealth and your position, mean nothing in a world, where people have the power, to kick you to the curb.


We know who you are, Lucifer.


You started world wars just to keep us busy, while you made your empire with out us all knowing, we slaved away thinking what we were doing was right. But now we know who the real enemy is, it’s you, it’s you.


You think you have the power, you think you have the plans, you think you have a way to hold us down, think again big man


Clear my way, make your apologies (X4)


We slaved away for all your greed, we failed by your demon seed, we’ve had enough of you; know that your time is through.


We won’t suffer for your greed.





These thoughts all going through my head, telling me that I’m fucked and I’m better off dead. (X2) My friends tell me that everything’s gonna be fine. I know there wrong, some things not right with my mind.


On a night like this, you know I won’t be missed.

This is my last goodbye;

Nobody knows it till I die.

This is my last goodbye.

This is my last goodbye


These thoughts all going through my head, telling me I’m fucked up and I’m better off dead

I’m not like all the other kids. I’m the one whose head is filled up with really messed up shit.


On a night like this, you know I won’t be missed

I need help.

When you come my way.

Someone help me please.

Just stay the fuck away from me.


I need help, I need some goddamn help. To get me through the night, I’m losing my fucking mind. I need some goddamn help, I’m losing my mind

I’m insane again


Till I die





They say I’m insane. They say I’m not okay. But I know I’m fine. They think that they, can, control my madness.


Nothings wrong with me. They just can’t handle me. They wanna lock me away. Keep me away.


What they call crazy, I call cal-cu-lated. What they call problematic I call systematic.


Nothings wrong with me. They just can’t handle me. They wanna lock me away. Keep me away.


I can’t fight myself.


Here I come.

I can’t tear myself from you

Here I come

There’s a method to my fucking madness.


They say I’m a danger to myself and those around me. I’m only a danger to them because they don’t understand me. The way my mind works. The way my cogs turn. If only they understood the way to learn.


Don’t worry. I’ve got it all figured out.





I try to hide it, it wants to break free.

I try to fight it, it wants to break me.


There will always be those who disbelieve. Who worship false lords from down on their knees. They’ll try to corrupt you and destroy from within. They are themselves consumed by sin.


Stand up for yourself; believe what you want to believe. If they try to corrupt your mind give them a reason to walk to the light.


Save me. Save my soul, I’ve lost control, the lies I’ve told.


Save me I can’t see straight with my head fucked, its over again.


They stand on their pedestal and they preach their hate. We can’t let them do this, this isn’t the way. Our fathers have taught us, taught us to believe. In right and wrong, to unite in times of need.


Times like these we need to be true to ourselves. Tell those liars and disprove those who won’t believe us. Save me from this damnation. Brothers and sisters standing as one. The bravest oppose who hold us down.




Were the disease, we aint got no cure. Were like no disease you’ve ever had before, once were inside you there’s no coming back. This is the heaviest infection attack. We get in your lungs while you’re gasping for air. You reach out for help but it won’t be there. You think that some medicine will make us go away, ha. You’re in for a rude awaking today.


We live in a system that’s rotten and twisted; we can’t stand the things that they’ve done. We’ve had quite enough of the sins from above its too late we’ve already won. Spreading the disease, rise up, we will make them bleed.

STD, You know me,

Spread the fucking disease.

Coz I’m an STD.


We start making our way through the brain going down. We start to turn that body of yours upside down, infecting organs and vital parts. Were gonna leave you with more than just a few nasty scars. Our kind of disease is unique in its design. As we not only kill the body, we also kill the mind. Forget everything you’ve ever known. This STD is going to give you a show.


Once were inside, you’re not getting out alive. Once were inside you will not survive. This S T Disease




She has the look of an angel, with poison in her eyes. She’ll amaze you with her looks, before she infects you with a smile. She’ll put on a great show, but that’s all it is. She does this every night my friend, you don’t mean shit.


She’ll survey the room and see you as her next victim. She’s very selective; she knows how to pick them. Take a seat sir and she will provide you with the performance of a lifetime. But then everyone who’s smart knows you’re a fool.


Poison running through her veins, you just made a big mistake. You think she’s yours but she’ll leave, you, broken.


We’ve got these words unspoken. (Go, go, go fuck yourself.)

Blind, lie, denied.

Truth lies and hearts are broken. (Go, go, go fuck yourself.)

Blind, lies, denied.

Is this what we deserve?

You’ve got the answers, so figure it out, you’re words are twisted, so straighten them out.


She’ll tell you everything you wanna hear. But just know that’s her game, you’re time is near. You’re in her world now, I’m afraid it’s too late. You never should have thought this would just go your way.


Like a trap door you fall through the hole, to where every guy before you called home. Because like you they thought that she was the one. Only for her to break you with her lies, and you’re as good as done.


Slowly, chocking on your blood. You’re infected with love poison. She’s too much for you,


You’re words are twisted, straighten them out. You’re words are twisted,  straighten them out.


Tell me the truth, tell me no lies.

We’ve got these words unspoken.





(Invocation, exploitation)

They took me away

(Deprivation, preservation)

from everything I’ve know

(Alienation, devastation)

They taught me to forget

(Infestation, annihilation)

Everything I was shown

(Condemnation, violation)

They gave me a way to kill


They compliment to compliment your morals.

Can you sit back and just observe the quarrels.

Taking over raping what they can’t seize.

Telling them they’re going to get unfreed.


Blood and sand

Oil and land

Fight or flight

Live or die


I’ll see you again.

So walk away

Children cry, innocent lives, For your crimes, Everyone dies.


Whores of war, give yourself to the front line. Whores of war, give yourself to the war.

Whores of war, give yourself to the gravemind, whores of war, aren’t you sick of it all.

Abhor the whores of war.




No longer a slave, 

Now my eyes can see,

Free from my chains,

I’ll take what I need

Fight to live

Born to lose

My life is mine and not yours to choose


Fate, it is way too late

Pray, you see another day.


Crawl, from your pit of sin

Fall, just to save your skin.


I will bear my scars,

I will find my path

I will wear my pride

I will survive.

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