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Well, you can add Spreading the Disease and their new album, Insurrection, to King Rhino’s “Best Albums of 2017.” Plus, I’m pretty sure I’ll be naming them as my pick for “Best New Artist of the Year.”

it is truly refreshing to hear a band that care about actual songwriting and delivering the goods which they do with aplomb. If the disease sounds as good as this, who would want a cure?! 8/10

Spreading The Disease have delivered a potential candidate for metal album of the year.

with Insurrection they’ve scored a bullseye. With an Exocet.

An infectious eleven songs of fury on the debut studio album from Spreading The Disease. ***** stars.

STD Live in Holland - March of the underdog

STD Live in Holland - Greed

STD Live in Holland - Last goodbye

STD Live in Holland - Bulldozer

The band has been on the undergorund scene now a couple of years. In that time having gone through various lineups, the band has gone from strength to strength . the band released their debut EP "VIRAL" in early 2016 and recieved a KKKK Kerrang! review which apparently is very rare for a any EP let alone a debut EP. add to this an 8/10 from  "POWERPLAY MAGAZINE" and a whole load of great reviews and it gave a huge kickstart to the band. Booking gigs right across the UK they have never really stopped gigging heavily.

The band has played some great shows inculding a blistering appearance at the 02 Academy Birmingham, and at Rebellion/Manchester to name a couple with great live reviews and acclaim.

The band are about to release their first full length album "Insurrection" and have also secured the support of "SCUZZ TV" to promote the bands first video "GREED" as an exclusive for 30 days from end of September 2017. having also now signed to  434 Management in the USA recently, and XL Promotions in the UK the band are looking to play abroad in 2018 as much as able. 

The lads are also in talks both in Germany and the USA about a record deal or distribution deal having already had various labels wanting to sign the band in the UK in the past. 

Click on the video above to view some of the bands "Live" antics" !!!

Spreading the disease. "Greed" . - Unknown Artist
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A top night of blisteringly loud rawk music last night at The Birds Nest though it didn't bode well when Carrie from Estrangor woke up yesterday with no voice! Several bottles of honey later her and her band knocked out an amazing set. Next up were the doom merchants of Killing Man Jaroh who get better each time I see them then it was the turn of a band who made the floor shake and the roof wobble, literally. 

Not putting down any band that has played for me there but Spreading The Disease put in one muthafucka of a show that will be difficult to beat, a metal band with the Linkin Park style double vocal brought the house down with their set. Heard a local say afterwards "I don't even like metal but that was fucking brilliant". 

Many thanks to Jon on sound, the staff and all who attended, see you next time.

Antibiotics won't save you from this!

The UK’s Spreading The Disease are back to scatter their metal filth around the place and after Viral, their well received debut EP, made quite the splash at the beginning of last year, it’s now the turn of full length album Insurrection, to plague the masses and quicken the pulse of STD’s own legion of faithful maggots!

In a nutshell, Spreading The Disease are a snottier, punkier version of Slipknot; a solid, rampaging ball of tightly-wound aggression that growls, screams, shouts and sings over a set of anthems that unravel at a frantic pace. Amidst hyperactive drums, complex and compelling riffing and often ridiculously fast fretwork, Spreading The Disease go hell-for-leather for the majority of Insurrection, only taking a breather for the angst-ridden semi-ballad of “Can’t Let Go”.

It’s the rippers you’re here for though and as good as “Can’t Let Go” is, it doesn’t hold a candle to Insurrection‘s more blistering moments. Rife with social commentary throughout, “Brexit Wounds” focuses on that particular, all too topical, subject via a bouncy, shout-fest of nu-metal-isms while “Method To My Madness” is a fists-up, mosh-pit monster, all bruising melodies and confrontational lyrics. “Save Me” is the neck-stomping highlight though, a staccato smack in the face which incorporates guttural vocals and anglicised Corey Taylor-esque bellows to whiplash the listener into submission…..and you will submit!

Nu-metal and groove metal are the focal points here – with the work of Corey Taylor and the rest of Slipnot’s masked lunatics providing the majority of inspiration – but STD are definitively and defiantly British, unleashing a gutter-level, street-smart version of the kind of noise us Brits usually expect to emerge from across the Atlantic….which is a relatively pleasant surprise in itself! Its been a while since we’ve had a no-nonsense wrecking ball of a band capable of penning songs with the potential to break out of the underground and Spreading The Disease are that band. It’s no coincidence that with their video for “Greed” already hitting the airwaves via Scuzz, it looks like STD could also have a ‘hit’ on their hands!

Insurrection is a marked improvement on Viral and STD’s huge potential is clear to hear.

This disease is going viral!  8/10

Well this is a bit of an animal to say the least! Insurrection, the debut studio album from Kent based bruisers Spreading The Disease. Formed in 2014 by bassist Steve Saunders, their debut EP Viral showed a lot of promise which has now been fulfilled when the album is released on November 1st 2017.

Opening track ‘Find My Path’ begins with a piercing guitar intro that heads off into juddering grooves. This short, sharp blast of hate is dominated by the lung lining stripping vocals from Connor Russell Snyder. Other highlights are follower ‘Words Unspoken’, a suffocating number as the musical soundscapes threaten to take your breath away. Another Hellish vocal keeps the intensity levels high. The spooky mantra to the six minute rollercoaster ride that is ‘Dischord’ are the calm before the storm as the guitar riffs grind and churn over Steve’s thudding bass lines. Current single ‘Greed’ is a punishing assault that hits as hard as a pub car park fight. It’s a crushing bombast peppered with visceral guitar workouts.

‘Save Me’ has so much going on in it, a few spins are essential to get your head around it’s full on complexity. ‘Whores Of War’, another six minute epic is the most raging track here and is nothing less than a complete gamut of musical and vocal prowess, displaying a monolithic surge of power. ‘Method To My Madness’ is a lurching beast  built on a dizzying array of time changes over a cathartic vocal. ‘Can’t Let Go’ is an eerie, goose bump raising, laid back heavy ballad with a heart tugging lead vocal but my album highlight is the caustic ‘Brexit Wounds’. Once again, everything is thrown in as snappy snare work, punchy riffing and a spleen venting vocal delivery lead to the pace picking up midway as the riffs buzz faster and an almost reggae fusion is blown away by one more final burst of rage.

Insurrection will be available for £10 via Motivated Music Co.

 An infectious eleven songs of fury on the debut studio album from Spreading The Disease. ***** stars.



December 28th. New Cross Inn.

Supporting Motorheadache. London.

September. 22nd. Finals BOTBs. .White Horse .High Whycombe.

October 12th. The Birds nest. South east London.

October 20th. St Moritz. Soho. London.

October 26th. The Station. Cannock.

October. 27th. Leicester. The Soundhouse.

November 2nd Day of the dead. Folkestone. Harp restrung !.

November. 9th/10th .TBA.

November 24th The Firehouse. Southampton.

November 25th. The Hairy Dog. Derby.

December 15th. The Blue moon. Cambridge.

December 28th. New Cross Inn.

Supporting Motorheadache. London.


January 12th. Macbeths. Shoreditch London.

February 2nd. London .Scala .Facedown club. Trauma PR/SCUZZ TV Sponsored.

February 10th. Sanctuary. Basingstoke. Devolution magazine 15 year anniversary event.

February 16th.The Giffard Arms. With “Quartz” Wolves

08th March, The Lounge London, Supporting Adam Bomb.

March 24th. The White horse Inn .High Whycombe.

March 25th. King Billy Northampton .with Deftones tribute.

April. 01st. The Unicorn.Camden.London.

April 06th. Mr Thirstys. Norwich.

April 7th. Wolverhampton. The Slade rooms. The Mayors rockfest.

April 14th. The Railway Inn. Southend. Essex.

April 15th. The Iron road. Evesham.

April 27th. The New Inn. Basingstoke.

May 3rd. Grand Central.Manchester.

May 5th. Dementia aware fest London.

May 6th. RS Bar. Heaven and Hell fest. Headline. Sheffield

May 12th. Northhampton. The Lab.

May 13th. The hope and anchor. Islington. London. Trauma PR.

June 2nd. Scruffy Murphys. Birmingham. 

June 9th. The Unicorn / Camden / London.

June 15th. Café de Meister. Geleen. Holland.

June 16th. hard Rock café. Nijmegen. Holland.

June 23rd. The Black Heart. Camden, London.

June 30th .The Black Mass bar. Wakefield. All dayer.

July.06th. The Asylum. Hull. Outdoor all dayer & BBQ.

July.15th.Hope and Anchor. Islington .London..

July 20th. RS Bar .Sheffield. headline. Tramfest.

July 21st. Sixfields festival. Northampton.

July 8th. Osentry. Gig fest. afternoon slot 3pm

 the  Arches. Coventry. 




27th The Harp restrung. Folkestone. Album Launch.


04th. The Rafters. Maidstone.

18th. MTTM. Red Lion. Gravesend.


30th. SOTS Festival. The Haygate. Telford.


07th. Harp restrung. Yarp fest. Folkestone.

13th .The Carlisle. Hastings.

20th. T. Chances. London.


25th. 02 Academy. Birmingham.


1st. Brickmakers arms. (B2). Norwich.

2nd .Red lion. Gravesend.

16th. The Fenton. Leeds.

23rd. The George Inn. Coleford.

29th. Rebellion. Manchester.

August 28th The Roadhouse. Birmingham.

31st August. Lady Luck. Canterbury.

September. 09th. The Dev. Camden London

September. 10th. Salutation Inn. Nottingham

September. 16th. Asylum. Chelmsford

September 17th. Red roar festival. Gravesend

September. 24th. Crowleys. Swansea.

October 1st. The forum. Tunbridge Wells. Kent

October 2nd .Mammothfest .Worthing. Sussex.

October. 08th. Sitwell tavern. Derby

October . 14th. Facebar. Reading

October. 15th. The Wheatsheaf .Oxford

October. 22nd. Fire n Forge festival. Trowbridge

October .28th. Firebug. Leicester

October 30th .Halloween gig .The Dev. London.

November 4th. The Portland Arms .Cambridge

with “Attica Rage”.

November. 05th. RS Bar. Sheffield

November . 26th. The Snooty Fox Club. Wakefield

December 03rd. The Crown. Nuneaton.  

December. 10th. The Carlisle. Hastings

December 16th. Bar 42. Brighton. Sussex.

December 17th. The Unicorn. Camden. London.

December 23rd. The Harp restrung. Folkestone. Kent

.Landlords  Birthday Bash.


April. 1st.Cambridge. Portland arms. Daze of tron fest.

April. 21st. Coalville. Notts. Bikers rock café. Juzbcuz fest.

April. 22nd. Kettering. Prince of Wales.

April.23rd. Guildford. The Star.

April. 29th. Hastings. The Carlisle.

April. 30th. Birmingham. Roadhoue. Dementia aware fest. 

May. 1st. Hull. Heaven and hell fest.

May 12th Crewe. The Box.

May 13th .Wakefield. Upload festival. 

May 27th .Selby. Darkfest

June. 24th. Norwich. B2. Powerhouse festival. 

June. 25th. Pentre. Pentre fest.

June 30th. Lido Margate.

July. 2nd. Swansea. Seven sins fest.

July 7th. Maximum revolt fest. The Asylum. Chelmsford.

July. 8th. Sheffield. Mulberry tavern. Metal infestival.

July. 15th .Nottingham. The Maze.

August.27th .Wolverhampton. Giffard Arms .

28th. Ironhorse. Sidcup.Greater London.

September the 1st. The Lido. Margate. Kent.

September 2nd .1pm on stage @ The Red Roar fest, Gravesend

vening live at Wakefield. Snooty Fox.

29th September. Raunds. Northants.  27th. Red Lion.

October. 7th. Trowbridge. Fire and forge fest.

October 12th. Manchester. Grand Central

October 13th. Bolton. The Bar Metro.

October. 14th. Doncaster. TBA.

October 25th. The Lady Luck. Canterbury.

October 28th. Mitchfest. Oxford.

27th October  Abertillery/Wales. The Dolls House.

October 28th .Fear and Loathing in Manchster event. The Factory .Manchester

November 4th. The Freebird. Newcastle under Lyme.

November 11th .The Firehouse. Southampton.

Novemnber 16th .Trillians. Newcastle Upon Tyne.

November 17th. The Music Lounge. Stockton on Tees.

November 18th. Embers, Carlisle.

November 25th. The White Swan. Trowbridge.

December 9th. Facebarmageddon. With Evil Scarecrow/Raging Speedhorn.

December. 23rd. The Harp restrung. Folkestone.

Chris birthday/Xmas bash



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