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Steves bio

Steves Bio.


Brought his first guitar when he was fifteen years old in a suoermarket sweep. After fumbling with it stubbornly for a week he realized his Rockstar days were over before it started as putting a chord together seemed an impossibility, so reluctantly he took the guitar back for his refund and proceeded to think of other possible careers, shark hunter, Pornstar, elephant whisperer, gynaecologist, Batman…he had almost lost his will to live when his mate gave him a guitar with four strings on that was bigger than the average guitar and informed him that he only had to press one string at a time. This,  gave him a new lease of life and a renewed enthusiasm toward Rockstar debauchery and gomorrah. Today one string, tomorrow the World.

Well..37 years later, a milliard of gigs under his belt, joined many bands from rubber ones probably to gastric ones and back again, stories that make the air blue and your coffee curdle having finally mastered the delicate art of “Bashing” the wood! And refined the rock God pose and then forgotten it instantly, Steve is now firmly established as what is called a “Bassist” and is even known to gargle the odd word or three throughout some songs and almost make sense of such devilish warbles.

The Spandex has now been swapped for bargain basement jeans and dust coats have now made way for 70s biker leathers and camo gear while he waits for Armaggeddon with high hopes, the beard is also a slender tone of white and is these days the only way we know which way hes standing rather than dashing black “man hair” but the energy is still there and this metalhead is a driving force for what is known as the “STD’s” a motley lot in what can almost be called a “Metal band” hell bent on destroying myths, moths and mofos and creating mayhem wherever it goes.