new album, video, and new lineup                    coming up asap !



you can buy your patch via paypal right now. 

please use this paypal address and make sure you state your name and address .



After nearly two years on hold due to the global pandemic and prior to that having to place the band on hiatus in 2019, SPREADING THE DISEASE are back .
A brand new lineup for 2021/2022  ( Jack la Haye - Drums and Percussion),  (Lead vocals), Steve Saunders (Bass and B/Vocals) and Ashley Cleland (Guitars and B/Vocals).
the band is currently writing new material and now in studio February 2022 to record it, also supporting it with a tour of the UK to kickstart the bands new adventures. its been a long hard road back to here but the guys are ready and willing to take the band on its journey, meet old friends and make some new ones while bringing the bands unique brand of metal to their metal brothers and sisters.
See you all out there soon, thank you everyone for supporting us through thick and thin we love you all. 


The bands 2nd video "THE ANGER INSIDE"  from the brand new album "Mindcell" (2019). Great video that shows a little about what the band are like "Live".

Brand new video "VOICES" from the newly released EP "MINDCELL" available to buy on our store page.

"Voices" - Mindcell EP - Spreading the disease
STD Mindcell EP front cover artwork fina

James Shaffer


Super great News!! Music Friends!!! Proud to announce the signing of STD », (Spreading the Disease), UK, with Copperline Music Group, Nashville, to a major publishing deal, through BFJ Mgmt Group, also Nashville!! We are under current negotiations for a major Recording Contract, and will hopefully be bringing STD to record the new album at Master Groove Studios East, also Nashville, in the new year!!!


As mentioned the other day ,We have news, and its good news.

For sometime now I had been working with Mr "James Shaffer" of "MFJ Mgnt" based in Nashville working as our manager in the USA mainly, James is well respected in the Industry and works with some of the biggest names in the World.

He has been working tirelessly to help STD on its journey, which needless to say has had its ups and downs, and now we can announce that "Spreading the disease" has signed a "Music Licensing agreement" with "Copperline Music Group/Sprockets Music Publishers" a few days ago. James continues to work for the band for further agreements and more which we appreciate very much.

The band looks forward to working with Copperline/Sprockets hereon and see where this next adventure will take the band.

things are tough for us all at the moment but fingers crossed things will change for the better for everyone soon.

We thank you for all the love and support, friendship and belief in the band, we are working behind the scenes to get the lineup finalized and ready for when we can get back out there and see you all.

Cheers all. thank you.

STD Copperline announcement.png



please contact motivated music management company

for all business and bookings for "spreading the disease

tel: 07368460486 - e mail:


motivatedmusicco-logo - new 20198.png


August the 1st 2021 - update: The band is coming together very well, sorting out the Singer to finalize the new lineup, meantime we have been writing a whole bunch of new songs. We are in no mad rush but we will be looking to introduce the new band members and hopefully an EP/Video as soon as ready along with some gig dates to kickstart the engines back up. we will look forward to seeing old friends, making new ones and integrating back into the scene with our rock and metal brothers and sisters. see you soon.


starts a new chapter from October 2020. Its a hard road through this pandemic for all of us and I feel sure there is light at the end of this tunnel for us all. keep the faith. More news will be forthcoming about the band in these coming months and we will keep you updated, we are looking at a new album and hopefully lineup too as we move forward. 

 STD thanks all and everyone from Radio stations/DJ's, Press, Promoters ,venues,  agents, Bands , everyone else that has been involved with the band, specially you the fans...THANK YOU!  its all for you and you are Phenomenal. We shall see you soon.

Meantime, check out the our album "Mindcell" (which is also available to purchase too on our merch page) below and enjoy, it is a great record indeed. 



spreading the disease sign to "surgery records!

We have been hard at work in the background whilst taking a small break from playing live. In that time we have signed up with "Mr Darran Smith at "Monster Management" and with Darran we have now signed a deal with "SURGERY RECORDS" we will be releasing the bands new EP late Spring through "Surgery records accompanied by 2 videos and a mini tour "The Mindcell tour" across the UK to promote it . 2019 is looking great and more things to come we are currently working on.



for all "Spreading the disease" business/bookings please e mail our Management company.


The band are very excited to have signed to MONSTER MANAGEMENT COMPANY, having spent a fair time looking for the right company to take the band to their next steps we feel that "Darran Smith (Funeral for a friend) is that guy . we are confident that the future will bring some interesting times ahead. for all things Management related please contact the company on the link below. thank you.                                           

We are extremely excited and honored to announce yet another amazing metal band joining our list - the extremely energetic modern metal band Spreading The Disease. The group has a solid experience in creating contemporary and modern music with amazing riffs, hooks and licks multilayered full of groove that hit you like a freight train. Spreading The Disease will captivate you with its richness of talent between all the band members that shines through both on recordings and especially live with true professionalism and experience. We are looking forward to making history in music excellence together and we will keep you all posted on the band’s exciting career development. Now follow the band and give them a listen - you’ll like what you hear!

Spreading the disease live and loud. Nijmegen Holland. rock cafe backstage. exciting, interractive, energetic and fun perfomance on stage !




STD Have been a part of this great idea and fun calender. to purchases your copies please contact "Doddy White" here and support a great charity!.


The band has recently been on tour in Holland in July which was a great success and a lot of fun. first stop was Geleen at the "DeMeister cafe" then onto Nijmegen to the "Rock cafe backstyage and finally to Amsterdam to play the Famous "Rock Cave". we met loads of great people including Laurent, Aram the cave lord, Astrid and Theo and so many more great people. we look forward to going back next year for sure. meanrtime here are a couple of photos, to view more go the the gallery page .thank you.

Spreading the disease. "Greed" . - Unknown Artist
00:00 / 00:00





Spreading the disease - "Insurrection".

Such a sick fucking album!

Love it!!!...


Fabio Rodrigues.

Artist manager.

If you guys haven't check Spreading The Disease, you have no idea what the hell you are missing! Just to tease you a bit, check out WHORES OF WAR! A best of a song!!


Listen, stream and buy our new album on these and other platforms. Check us out. Great reviews including kkkk kerrang!,  "Devolution magazine "candidate for album of the year !" And many more!.  _

see below for older news and history of the band


SPREADING THE DISEASE has parted company  this December form XL Promotions Company. ALL Management affairs now run directly through  "BFJ MANAGEMENT COMPANY" . Mr James Shaffer. contact details are on the contact page. 

@Tunein Every Saturday 12-1pm #PlayedInFull @stdmetalband 'Insurrection' Through The Whole Of November 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th

We, “SPREADING THE DISEASE” are very excited to announce that our brand new video single “GREED” from our forthcoming first full length album has been accepted and shall be aired by “SCUZZ TV” on Sky Channel 367  throughout the day and evening on the segment called “POP/PUNK FREEZONE” tarting tonight. This is a big step for our band moving forward and we are very proud. We wish to thank all the team at “SCUZZ TV” for their support and playing our video. Much appreciated indeed. And to all the amazing people involved in creating the video.

You can also check out “SCUZZ TV” on facebook !, give them a big fat “LIKE” too whilst visiting their page.

ON THEIR “Youtube channel”..

“Scuzz TV” on Twitter.

And why not drop in on our website and find out what’s new and happening for the band right now.


Firstly we have the video for a brand new video "Greed" being aired on one other than "SCUZZ TV" from approx end of August.

And Secondly..

Our first full length brand new album will be released in September so keep an eye out and grab your copy on this site very soon.! meantime check the tour page and come see the band LIVE and CRAZY !!

18th August 2017

SPREADING THE DISEASE have found a replacement for the previous drummer. his name is "Jack Apella! and hes a killer drummer. you will meet him out and about gigging from "Giff-fest" onwards 27th August.  

August 2017.

The band has also this month signed to a brilliant new Management Agency in the UK  "XL Promotions". Please contact XL here for anything related to UK/Europe.


and working with a brilliant US Agent too. "434 Management company". Please contact 434 for anything related to the USA thank you.


We look forward to a successful partnership for 2018 and beyond with both of these great companies and take the opportunity to thank them both for bringing us on board.

August 2017.

Our brand new and first ever professional video will be airing soon and shall be seen everywhere. the song is called "Greed" which is a killer toon extracted from the bands forthcoming first full length album due out in a few weeks time ,and sounds awesome. its taken a while but definitely worth the wait.

August 2017.

UPDATE: Johnny Roz our recent Drummer has now left the building and we have found a great replacement, Mr. Jack Appela who is now in rehearsals ready to play the "Giffard Arms "Giffest" on the 27th of August. We also have finally it seems found a lead guitarist, a fella who goes by the name of Mr. Cris Nelson who will be with us very soon live and crazy. They will both be writing album number 2 with us which already is coming together.

SPREADING THE DISEASE have parted ways with both Adam May the original vocalist and the bands Drummer Richard Worrell.both over unforseen family circumstances. We wish them both the very best in the future endevours and they shall remain always part of the bands family. We have had some grat times together but now its time for a new chapter.

The band will be releasing a new album and video in Spring and already have a new vocalist who is laying down tracks as we speak, and will be making his first appearance on the 21st of May 2017. at the "Juz B cuz festival in "Coalville Bikers Cafe" Please meet below our new singer "Midnight". Also please welcome our new drummer Mr Johnny Roz!!! an amazing talent and were very happy to welcome him into the family. 


The band are currently in Studio recording their first full length album and should be ready for release late Spring along with a video single. again the band are in Studio with the Brilliant "Charlie Creese" at "Magpie Studios in Ashford Kent. 

SPREADING THE DISEASE has joined forces with "Total Entertainment South Wales Ltd" and looking forward too a successful working partnership for 2017 and beyond.


SPREADING THE DISEASE are proud to announce we have joined "PURPLE BEARD PROMOTIONS PR Company. We look forward to a great working relationship ahead.


For all PR, Marketing, Promotion and Bookings for "Spreading the disease". to book the band or any matters promotion orientated please go to "Purple Beard Promotions page".

December 5th 2016.

Spreading the disease are currently now in Studio recording their first full length album ready for Spring 2017.  today, Steve has been doing Bass parts.

Nov. 6th. 2016.

We finally start recording our first full album  next weekend with Edd Sunders on drum duties. All being well the album should be ready early spring for release. were very excited to get our new tracks down and we think they will really impress.

Richard Worrell. Drums. STD 2016

October. 22nd 2016.

Presenting Mr Richard Worrell. Spreading the disease new drummer ,taking over the realms very shorlty live!. We are pleased to have Richard aboard and look forward to having him as part of the tea in our endevours and craziness.

October 2016.

We are very pleased to announce that the band has joined forces with "Phil Pask bookings and Management Company" and look forward to a prosperous future working with Phil hereon. Bookings can be done directly with "Phil" on this e mail address:

October 2016.

The band have now found a suitable replacement for Mr "Julian Riquelme" who parted ways with the band in August for pastures now. "Spreading the disease" would like to introduce everyone to Mr. "Steve King" who has now taken his place within the band and shall be making his debut live appearance soon.


The band is currently looking for a new Drummer to replace "Edd Saunders" who is making a life changing move away . We wish him and his family the very best and shall miss him very much. Edd has been with STD from the start and has been a pleasure to work with and is a great mate. if you are interested in applying for the position and wish more information please e mail us at:

The band are currently in the process of writing the full album which they start recording in November 2016. Also looking for a replacement guitarist for "Julian Riquelme".

Meantime the band are currently gigging all over the Country.

August 2016

Spreading the disease have recently teamed up with "Electrify events" who will be looking after the bands affairs. We are pleased and look forward to a fruitful partnership with Electrify hereon.