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for our bands latest music video called " VOICES". 

Filmed @ Dovers St Martins Battery/Western heights in February 2019 by "SKIPFOX" Photography and video company.

Brand new video "VOICES" from the newly released EP "MINDCELL" available to buy on our store page.

What a journey it has been..

After much debate, ideas, disagreements, compromises, hunts for props, false starts, silly estimates, change of actors, locations, money spent, time spent  and much more ,finally having settled on filming at Dover Western heights (Thanks to Dover Council for permissions) a great location was found (St Martins battery).

Filming commenced and spread over two weekends with a lot of fun, great workmanship, loads of effort, many coffees and sarnies

rain ,sun and everything in between we emerged with what is a great video indeed. the people below did a magnifent job as did all the film crew and help.

The video ties in perfectly with the whole ethos and idea, imagery and topic of the bands new album "Mindcell", bringing together a host of emotions and illnesses all locked up inside the "Caretakers" mind, ranging from "Deep anger issues, Confliction to Depression and more that affects many people, often in silence and causes untold hurt, damage and far worse. We have tried to do this is a manner that is positive or at the very least brings to the surface some of these issues and awareness. affecting people from every corner and every social scope.

Do please look deeper around you and keep in mind that your friend, family member etc may seem ok but inside they might well be battling with their own personal demons and can need company, someone to talk too, be supportive or simply keep them company In extreme cases they might need help from experienced people too. Mental health troubles many and needs awareneness and support.

We hope you like the video and the album...enjoy, it has been a long road creating this, and we are very proud of this work. 


      Chris osborne                                     Adam May                                                 Sarah Lawes                                         Mark Brett

chris group cleaned bright.png

                                       Sarah Lawes                      Jez Anderson and Kelly Veness                   Ben Shockley 


                                                                                            Chris Osborne (Below)                                    

BIG THANKS TO:- Martin Osborn and Kasey Clay (Skipfox photography company), Jez Anderson, Kelly Veness, Sarah Lawes, Chris Osborn, Adam May, Ben Shockley, Mark Brett, Christopher Scott,

Luisa Martinez , Dover Council, Steve Saunders, Brandon hire for their help and contribution in making this video. 

CD Artwork - Mindcell EP. Spreading the disease 2019

mindcell video location . St Martins battery Western heights, Dover ,KENT. UK